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02-04-2013, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Rutkowski View Post
Gonna divide this since there's a lot of bad statements here.

In 2010 he was a -1 against Detroit in a series where they got seriously blown out by the Wings in game 7(the Bryzgalov effect). In 2011 he was -5 and wasn't that good, no, but name one guy on the Coyotes who actually were good in that series? They got swept and they got swept pretty decisively with a really bad goaltender behind him. And even though they got swept he managed five points which isn't that shabby to be quite honest.

In 2012 he had ten points in sixteen games and were one of the best D-men in the entire playoffs the first two rounds. He was also +5 and was responsible preventing a lot of breakaways with his pokechecks.

Name 'em.

Ah yes, in 2010 when he had a total of 0 full NHL seasons in his belt. That's a fair comparision. Say, why don't Sweden bring back Sundin for Sochi because ******* he was good back in 2006. I mean, eight years is nothing, right?

Before that he wasn't ready enough and after that he were either in or just out of the playoffs. Should Sweden ignore the Sedins in Sochi(not saying they're comparable but the situation is) because they don't dress for the WC?

If the USMNT pass on Yandle for Erik Johnson, Jack Johnson, Tim Gleason, Brooks Orpik, a retired Brian Rafalski, Ryan Whitney or Ryan Suter(okay, Suter I wouldn't object to since they should be the first pairing guys) then they are going to have a *fun* time in the olympics.

Seriously, other than Suter I'd take Yandle over ANY of those guys any day of the week.

Name them.

OEL is a better PKer and goes for hits instead of stickchecking, yeah, but his PP is worse and he have a lot less experience. Not ragging on OEL, I think he'll be one of the best D-men in the league within ten years, but right now he isn't better than Yandle. They just have different skill-sets.
OEL has supplanted him that is the reason they are considering this move in the first place and make no mistake the Coyotes will listen, they expect a lot, but they have made him available because of who and what OEL is currently and his even better upside in the future. They can let some of the younger guys take PP minutes where it is easier to score and there shouldn't be a drop off. Lets not forget with PP wizard Yandle Phoenix still had one of the worst PP units in the league.

On the Olympic front that is pretty easy as far as naming the options. Yandle should get invited to camp but his fit isn't as easy as most think. First of all Yandle is left handed and plays almost exclusively on the left side.

Two guys are similar there that want to play on the left side of the ice and are much better overall.

Suter and McDonagh, so there you have your first two d-man on the left.

Both Erik and Jack Johnson were preferred options over Yandle the last round and have a big history with USA hockey. Forget the fact I do think they are better all around players than Yandle for a second, do you really think USA Hockey doesn't take guys they have long had crushes on and have an inside trace with Olympic experience? Both guys have been playing better all around games lately and both provide things to the lineup including massive size but also skating on the international ice surface to go with it.

Now it would be nice to bring a PK guy and a really good one.

Orpik, Gleason, Carlson, Scuderi, Bogosian.

PP specialist options:

Byfuglien, Fowler, Shattenkirk, Yandle, Wisniewski, Goligoski and maybe Carle/Liles

They could also invite Seth Jones and Jacob Trouba to summer camp. Both guys have big time international credentials and play up to competition, I think Jones will still be busy with the WHL playoffs but wouldn't surprise me one bit to see either player on the WC team and in camp this summer. They have always played their way on to teams from young ages and have very mature games they also compete with the right handed part of the lineup.

Now like I said a lot of this is about team construction. But Yandle is by no means a shoe in, in fact even if you wanted to bring a mediocre defensive guy that is an awesome PP force than Byfuglien gets the call there.

It is far from a certain decision and one he will have to earn in camp. If Jack Johnson remains the choice over him which he very well could than I don't see the spot. He is competing with the left handed guys and that is a harder side more than likely. Plus his specialty of the PP he trails a guy like Byfuglien who shoots right. The Rafalski role in my opinion should go to Shattenkirk.

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