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Originally Posted by displacedpensfan View Post
Okay, a few questions from a sympathetic out of towner (I realize that at one point Pittsburgh was seen as a new frontier for the NHL and we eventually made it work).

1) Might the Coyotes be better off crawling back to the US Airways Center despite it's lousy configuration for hockey? As a really crazy idea, what about playing in both buildings? Jobing on the weekends and US Airways Center on weeknights?

2) Have there been any rumblings that the Suns want a new barn in the near-ish future that the Coyotes could tag along on? Would a central, downtown location solve most of the Coyotes problems anyways?

3) How much did the '08 financial crisis put a crimp in things in the West Valley? Someone once mentioned to me that although Jobing/Westlake looks like an idiotic move now, back when things were going good, it made some sort of sense. How is the local economy doing now?
1- Not happening. There's not much of an incentive for a new owner to deal with the reduced ticket prices required by US Airways Center's hockey seating problems.

2- Not that I know of. Yes, would solve lots of problems. No, it's not happening.

3- The '08 crisis showed that Glendale ever becoming a a "Big City" was a pipe dream. It won't happen. Not in my lifetime. The heart of the Phoenix metro is in the Tempe - Scottsdale - Downtown Phoenix triangle. There's no reason to spend a bunch of taxpayer money trying to artificially create our own mini-Anaheim. Glendale is like Mesa: one giant middle-class suburb. Nothing to do, nothing to see, cheap single family homes for everybody.

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