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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
He can't.

Oh wait, he scored against Hamilton, he must be good.

Matt Kassian scored twice against the habs and I wouldn't touch that inept **** with a twenty-foot pole.

What did Parros do to us ? What did the big John Scott do against us ?

Next you'll be advocating to get Kevin "I'm a pacifist" Westgarth.

It's great to want toughness, but you need skill to go with that toughness. Otherwise, why not scour the beer leagues for the biggest, meanest, craziest mother ****er you can find ? I'm sure he'd take on Bordeleau before and after he destroys a 2-4 of his preferred cheap beer.
wtf, Bordeleau is probably faster than Moen. Again, Ms. Analyzer don't know ****

Sacco said Bordeleau made the cut not solely because of his fighting skills. Guys who could fight, but couldn't really play, still found a niche in the old NHL. Not anymore.

"I liked Bordy because he can also play the game," Sacco said. "He can skate and he can play defense and not embarrass you out there."

Read more: Avalanche's Patrick Bordeleau glad to pack a punch as journeyman - The Denver Post
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Sacco don't know ****.They should call you

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