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02-04-2013, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Syckle78 View Post
We don't know what the size of the market is if we did we wouldn't speculating. It could be 4 or 7 the answer is irrelevant to the point. Whether it is 4 or 7 or 29 we are still speculating. Seems like you are more interested in arguing semantics than hockey...
But again I would just be speculating as I don't know you.

So if you didn't know the initial state of the market, how could you determine the market was shrinking? (based on your earlier post)

4 or 7 is relevant to the point: For you to determine if a market is growing, staying the same, or shrinking, you would have to know the initial state of the market. At least your best guess speculation. So per that speculation, which team dropped out for you to come to the conclusion that the market was shrinking?

If this is not about determining how the market shrank, why make this statement:

Originally Posted by Syckle78 View Post
Maybe Chicago and Florida...the market is a shrinkin'..

That's not semantics, that's trying to figure out what new information you know that made you come to the conclusion you had. So what was it?

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