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Originally Posted by silvercanuck View Post
I agree that football will not die the death predicted here. I doubt that steroids has as much of a negative effect on MLB as the media claims though. Baseball is dying it's because it's too slow to resonate with our modern distracted brains. MLB is the NPR of pro sports. It's dry and boring. (actually that's kind of an insult to NPR but I digress) Kids do not have the attention span to sit and watch a 3 hour baseball game with very little action. The core fan base is still holding on but it's an aging demographic that is slowly dwindling. Football is just a more entertaining sport.

I don't think there much correlation between participation in a sport and the health of the pro game either. If that were the case soccer would be number one in the USA but it's not. As others have mentioned football isn't played by a lot of kids in the North but it's extremely popular as a spectator sport.
My point is the steroid issue in baseball is truly absurd, anyone with a very basic knowledge of competitive sports and statistics can figure out that pro hormones are a huge factor in virtually every sport.

It's an absurd issue yet it got some major traction and air time, and it's based on a totally absurd premise.

The head trauma issue, is backed by hard science, and without a doubt proves that most nfl stars are living damaged lives.

It's the type of situation where the nfl can only be seen as being exploitive.

There's no way around it, head trauma, is the worst kind of injury because you can essentially blame anything on it, from spousal abuse to tax fraud.

You've basically put the NFL on it's back, and the stars can get away with murder at this point.

No longer is the NFL as a corporation untouchable, when you rise to the top this kind of exposure will ruin you.

There business model is based on total domination, it's why it's valued more than NHL NBA, and MLB combined.

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