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02-04-2013, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Syckle78 View Post
I said maybe Chicago and Florida. Again if someone comments on something shrinking directly aftet something is perceived to have been eliminated I stand by it being painfully obvious.

Furthermore where is it written and since when is it expected for a comment to either be prefaced with the history of the subject or the addition of new information?

What was perceived to have been eliminated?

Usually, when a new realization is put forth, new information runs alongside to support it. Other than that, the comment seems flippant. And as you know on here, a flippant comment (which yours represented) usually garners a flippant response (which was represented by myself). Did you expect more from a seemingly trite statement?

On the other point, you said this:

Originally Posted by Syckle78 View Post
Ugh had a long post typed out and lost it. /facesmash

II lets try to make it simple.

Lets say Lu is a top ten goalie that eliminated about a third of the teams right off the top. No team with another top ten goalie is going to give up valubable assets for a marginal upgrade on net.

Then we have the young building teams. To me this would be Oilers etc most of the lottery teams and top ten draft teams from last year. Again you lose another third of the league or so.

This leaves a small portion of the league that is both close enough to contend and needs a goalie. this fits this? Chicago,maybe Washington, and then end a couple tweeners like Florida and Toronto. There isn't a big market out there, there is a reason why its the small handful of teams bring discussed ad nauseum. Its common sense and not hard to figure out.

So who of the 4 teams has dropped out, based on recent goings on, that has you saying the market is shrinking and that it was based on common sense? A sense that 2 posters other than myself have already disagreed with you about?

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