Thread: CSN Philly Will Flyers pursue Iginla?
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02-04-2013, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Qyburn View Post
My point is I think it's naive to claim to have figured out a foolproof formula that's sure to pay off. Except for the part about rooting for your team to lose. That's a guaranteed poison payoff for the soul month by month and season by season. I don't think I could even enjoy a Cup payoff after going through that, if one actually happened. But that's just me.
Well, you definitely couldn't be a Penguins fan!

I agree that there is no single formula, but I try to look at the past and probability. Other than the Penguins, who I think are in a unique position due to their long term stinkiness between 2002 and 2006 and their "winning" the lottery for Crosby, it seems that the teams that have won have had a plethora of scoring - the Bruins didn't have a single player with more than 70 points when they won and they have strong defense. I think of Seabrook, Keith, Chara, Doughty. And of course they had solid goaltending.

So I would try to mimic that model - have many scoring possiblities with at least one solid d-man and goaltending.

In order to diversify scoring, you need to keep contracts low - so I don't want to add an Iginla or player like that because his contract will hurt longterm (if they could even sign him after the season). I actually think the Flyers forwards are fine. Sure, they may need some time - they certainly need to get healthy before any long term diagnosis can be made. How can we really know the offense without Hartnell, and now without Simmonds and with a recovering Briere?

The defense is where I think the team is screwed. All of these teams that won has a solid defensemen. We have Kimmo - who is good - but he is old and not something to build around long term. Other than that, we have no real depth and no solid prospects.

Plus each of the last 4 teams have had a pick in the top 3 within 3 years of winning the Cup. Staal for Pittsburgh, Kane and Toews for Chicago, Seguin for Boston, Doughty for LA.

Anyway, this is my thinking as to why I wouldn't take Iginla and why I wouldn't mind stinking.

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