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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
God ****ing damn the AI for D-men is awful. Probably worse with the goalies. The D-men in NHL 13 have no sense of urgency to get back and back check and when it comes to the other end of the ice, they get too gung-ho and rush a puck that is almost out of the zone usually resulting in an offsides. Goalies will stick down in the butterfly, a stick up their ass moving (saw a goalie tonight be completely in the butterfly sliding around with no leg movements of any kind) and never trying to stretch to stop a puck, especially on the backhand forehand shots on breakaways. Beyond ****ing stupid. I know the AI was really ****ing bad in NHL 12, but at least they would play D by killing guys and poking pucks away when it was near by. I do have to ask, when they made the AI for NHL 13, did they think defensemen should NEVER play the puck (such as poke checking or trying to block shots)? I think EA just thought an AI player was just another play to pass to and only shoot/pass, but never to do anything else.
This is seriously the most frustrating part of NHL. Me and a few of my buddies have an EASHL team but most of the time we can only get about 3 people on at a time. That means either we have to deal with 2 stupid AI defensemen or stick 1/2 of us on defense. And don't even get me started on goalies. So many times we have lost on completely garbage goals.

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