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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post

The formula will be re-done when i add the "Last 10" category to make complete... waiting another couple weeks as games near 15-20ish..
Feel free to PM me weighing ideas... its in a spreadsheet... so easy to play with.
You cannot just give it arbitrary weightings and expect it to produce something reliable. Weightings need to be rooted in reality (ie normalized to some kind of median or average of something that has a logical and, often, physical meaning). Weighing stuff with arbitrary (and even, round) numbers does not make much logical sense does it? I won't tell you what to do with your time or how you should go about creating your personal ranking system but personally, I think an accurate "power ranking" would account for a lot more detail than yours does.

You should also not have different categories that are correlated unless you understand how they are correlated and account for it.

It's a starting point but if you want something more accurate and reliable, it needs to be a lot more complex than this.

You have to realize that an accurate power ranking is worth millions and millions of dollars in the betting world.

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