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Originally Posted by surf View Post
So you want the Boultons of the world to have free shots on all Rangers with no deterent? Oh,thats right..Slats thinks like me instead of most of you...If Mash cant handle the dirty work Slats will find someone who can..
I agree... If Mash doesn't work Sather will find a guy to get it done. He always has a tough guy on the squad. I'm pulling for him as I do for every guy that gets the call up.

On Boulton, if anyone here ever meets him ask him specifically what the Isles said to him when they offered him a contract. It was because he was considered by current (Tavares) on the Islanders as one of the best guys at what he does.

I know it's a tough thing to accept for the non fight fans. They cry like babies on every fight. But... The players themselves feel very differently on the matter, as do most coaches and General Managers. I'm a huge proponent to utilizing guys not only as deterrents, but as guy that also impose their will on other teams. Non-fight guy will never understand it. While on the Internet they seem to come out in masses, they must never go to the games because I never see anyone sitting down when one of these guys drop the mitts.

On Rupper. I appreciated him for his role. He wasn't the toughest guy on the block when he was acquired. He has "Tortorella"written all over him. I think Torts said something along the lines of "He has to be able to not only play, but to contribute" when he discussed the enforcer role. Rupp by reputation strictly as a player was known as maybe the best of the tough guys. As a fighter he was mediocre at best but he did give some guys a hard time. Specifically Orr. As a NYR Rupp just hasn't delivered like they hoped. I'm still a fan of his, he does the job. He stands up for his boys. I appreciate everyone of these guys. He just didn't get it done here as good as the Rangers had hoped.

I think the return was pretty good as well.

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