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Originally Posted by Roulin View Post
Interesting stuff, I'm going to try and educate myself about this.

I know it'll never happen... but it would be great to see one of the major sports leagues put a bunch of money into commissioning some of these studies.
Galchenyuk94 is way off base here

Roll out a list of retired football players and pro wrestlers and you'll see a list of cemetery fodder mixed in with the guys enjoying their twilight years.
Before his death Lyle Alzedo (a raider from back in the day) came out and spoke against the use of PEDs and growth hormones and he attributed his pending death to them. The list of dead wrestlers is worse than that of the football players.

G94 is not the only one here to come out of a "gym' environment.
I've known hockey players from back in the late 80s and 90s trying to make it that were on equivar and winstrol.
Now, the sky is the limit with drugs like MT(methyltrienolone)and other designer roids making their way to the market the combinations are infinite. Its not uncommon to have athletes taking mutiple PEDs at a time.

Let's make one thing clear, your first cycle will likely be your weakest cycle. There is no going soft on PEDs, when you take em you take them for their impact and gains they provide. There is no "i'll just take a little".

One point where I do agree with G94 is to throw the doors wide open let all pro athletes use them, if not, the leaugues should then stop being hypocrites and clamp down on it. Start a rigorous testing schedule in order to stop the use of PEDs, there is no middle ground.

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