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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
So there's an example (hockey-related, even) of someone who volunteered for a task. How does that relate to this case, where no one volunteered to do this without also participating? (Follow-up: since no one volunteered to do this without also participating, was the preferred outcome that it not happen at all?)

Back to the question you were responding to: how did the people administering this process gain an advantage by being involved?
I don't think anyone had the intention to take advantage of being an admin in the project. Not at all. And I'm not even sure that anyone has suggested that is the case.

As someone who has seen the aggregate lists before discussions, I think there is the potential for that knowledge to influence what you research and what you argue. I chose to research Glenn Hall in the first round of voting, with a focus on his playoffs. Now I thought it was an interesting topic and an important one that could use some research. But I also knew that Hall was ranked fourth on the aggregate list and was in a position where he could finish anywhere from fourth to sixth in the voting. I didn't have an agenda in my study of Hall, I think it was honest inquiry and I might have chosen that topic anyway - but it was informed by the knowledge that Hall was in a "swing" position. I can't lock that knowledge out of my brain when I go to post in the discussion.

Same thing when I posted about Tretiak later - I really thought more should be posted about him, but I also knew he and Brimsek were neck and neck for 8th in round 1 voting.

So maybe in an ideal world you'd have an admin who did nothing but run the project and who never posted anything. But like you said, that was never an option since nobody was offering to be that admin. I wasn't, you weren't, C1958 wasn't. TDMM and seventieslord did volunteer to administer the project and deserve a lot of credit for that.

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