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02-04-2013, 08:13 PM
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Originally Posted by CBJ All The Way View Post
What if we made it a 10 person league?
No. Nothing will be changed out of the rules already mentioned. I was more asking for ideas to add. Like how we added a cap central in the last league. Those sort of ideas. 30 team leagues are much better for drafting.
Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
Not interested, personally. The MORE teams, the more likely we will have ten (10) ACTIVE GMs. A percentage of deadbeats is inevitable, based on experience.


How about giving us the option of managing TWO teams? Different conferences and no trades between the two teams.
We will have enough GM's, guys. I've PM'ed about 15 people from the last league (I picked guys I know have been active in the past and have had a good history), a couple guys who haven't posted here but have signed up and some of the newer guys say they have buddies looking to join as well it'll fill up quick.
Originally Posted by CBJ All The Way View Post
The way I see it is we have what 6 Die hard fantasy goers now 4 more and we have a badass league
My past league that ran for 3 and a half years with 30 GM's was badass as far as I'm concerned. Trust me man, I know how to run a league. No more trying to change things.

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