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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
So there's an example (hockey-related, even) of someone who volunteered for a task. How does that relate to this case, where no one volunteered to do this without also participating? (Follow-up: since no one volunteered to do this without also participating, was the preferred outcome that it not happen at all?)

Back to the question you were responding to: how did the people administering this process gain an advantage by being involved?
Im not claiming they did nor is anyone else, far from it. But to address your questions, was there an "open invitation" proffered in seeking volunteers to administrate & lightly moderate without actually participating in the debating & voting process's themselves? 70's & TDMM did an absolutely Sterling job of it, no question about that, countless hours of entertainment & edification for one & all be you simply audience or player.... however, if one is to absolutely remove any and all whisper of subjectivity, partisanship & or bias from such an exercise I would most respectfully suggest that the roles of Moderators & Administrators pursuant to such an exercise be "open to tender". Members & Moderators/Admin volunteer for the role without actually voting but instead refereeing debate, establishing parameters, collating & enumerating votes, vetting source information & so on & so forth. Better they should abstain from voting altogether as overpass above illustrates in the Hall & Tretiak examples of what can happen when information & administration collide and overloads the circuits.

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