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Originally Posted by Hasbro View Post
And Brad Park never won the Norris.

Had Brown ever spent much time with good quarterbacking and outside of the Raiders' circus we'd have a better gauge.
I think you overstate how bad things were. Raiders had a winning record during his run with them, only 2 seasons in 15 years with less than 7 wins (compared to 5 seasons with 10+ wins). Raiders were relevant back then.

Tim Brown had Jeff George (an excellent QB... he just only cared about his stats) and Rich Gannon (a league MVP). Even Jay Schroeder and Jeff Hostetler had some decent (even Pro-Bowl IIRC, back when it wasn't a total joke) seasons early in Brown's career. Despite that, he never had an outstanding season. EA long career of very good, never great. As I recall, he didn't even establish himself as a legit starter until he was in the league for 5-6 years. He was mostly a 3rd WR and punt returner until

Guy had 2 double-digit TD seasons in 16 years despite despite being on some excellent teams helmed by Pro-Bowl/All-Pro QBs. No way on earth was he better than Moss or Owens.

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