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Originally Posted by The Dingo View Post
This is bull **** by the way

The 15 safest cities in Cali

14/15 are in So Cal

of the FBI's 25 most dangerous cities in America, NoCal has 2 in Oakland and Stockton,l SoCal has 0
With regards to crime stats I am careful with since there are too many thrown around way too easy and crime stats are based on actual police reports. There are plenty of crimes that happen and never get reported. If anything, you mentioed a few places I forgot to mention and we both forgot to mention that Santa Clartia is another safe place. However, there is no denying that the places I mentioned in picky fashion are the saftest of the safe. Burbank or Rancho Santa Mar? I would pick RSM.

Originally Posted by Tadite View Post
2. California is a good bet for business. Just depends on which one. Most the people complaining about the state just have no idea how pathetically bad the rest of the country is. I've lived in 7 states and all of them are worse then California. At least in California we know things can get better. Most places seems to enjoy the poverty or just have no idea of what good means.
California is losing business left and right to other places willing to give them the tax breaks and where the unions are more non-existant compared to CA.

3. Californian taxes are low in comparison. This guys from Canada! We've nothing close to what they have up there. He'll even in the US the difference between a top-5 taxed state and the median is a grand total of 1%. Which he wouldn't even be paying because he's to poor to hit the real taxes. California's love to talk taxes... It's complicated but its not higher I think the median is lower but once again the cross state comparisons are strangely constricted. They don't even have a car tax.... Get that Californias? A actually property tax on your car... Every year....

Things usually tend to balance out where ones lives but even with moving to CA its still going to be tough for anyone to make a living in if they weren't able to take advantage of the California dream when it was both alive and well.

4. LA maybe isn't a fun place to have a life..... San Diego or the Bay are better on every level. Don't bother with the IE, OC or god help you the Central Valley.
While I would prefer to live in the SD or Bay Areas, from a fun standpoint the LA Area is the place to be, especially with nightlife overall. Also, most of the OC is way better than most of the IE or Central Valley.

6. Rent isn't high. I know it seems that way but because of housing prices when you get a place you get something for the money. In my current place the only people who don't own are so desperate they'll take anything. So to find someplace that's isn't covered in mold you pay more then in CA. It's why those generic rental stats are very problematic. O yea. Cost of living is higher on the EC. Foods more expensive, gas is the same darn price, every utility is higher, and we actually have the cost of cold weather. Something that's amazingly expensive. Cost of living stats are shockingly bad.
New York is the most expensive state to live in and the NorthEast is just expensive period. However, there are plenty of places down on the east side that is far more cheaper than the California Coast.

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