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Originally Posted by NotPartoftheGame View Post
This doctor's research was poorly conducted and other medical professionals criticized him at the time this was published. One of those disagreeing was mentioned in the National Post article.

The way they determined injuries was looking for players who did not play the next game, it was not based on any injury reports from the teams. That's how they came up with the 17 injuries. Anyone would have to agree that hockey fights cause less damage than a street brawl. You have refs stepping in when they get tired and most fighters will back off once they see their opponent in a vunerable position. And the Doctor stating that, "fighting is not causing the concussions" should talk to Ben Eager and Thornton, both concussed from fights this season.

His research also stated that the risk of concussion in a fight was much lower for fighting (0.39 percent) compared to per-game risk due to checking (less than 4.5 percent). That's comparing apples to oranges. You need to compare the type of activity and frequency to get a better comparison. Yes there are more concussions from hockey hits but that's because there are 100s more hits versus fights. A better comparison would be:

- NHL reported 88 concussions last season (other reports had it at over 100 but let's stick with league numbers.
- NHL also reported that 8% resulted from fights, or 7.04 in total.
- There were 55,981 hits recorded last season, resulting in 81 concussions = 0.14% concussions per hit.
- There were 544 hockey fights, resulting in 7 concussions = 1.29% concussions per fight.
- Therefore you are 8.89 times more likely to suffer a concussion from a fight versus a hockey hit.
What you did is do some basic division. What you fail to leave out is that some players are likely to never get in a fight or, if so, rarely. There are other guys who fight much, much more frequently and are thus more likely. Everyone is eligible to be checked during a game. It isnt as simple as you try to make it.

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