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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Calm down everyone.

Now think ! none of the current signings of all these UFA'S at big long term contracts have made any team an instant cup contender.
Mostly it's bad clubs trying to just get better and make the playoffs.

In the Est, Boston will be a bit better but then again no cup contender.
Jersey did not add a top player they just resigned thier own player.
Toronto, well no cup contender thier

Out west, Av's lost Blake,Dallas lost Arnott but to clubs with problems.

Overall so far, the price was way too high and way to long. In the future we will see that most of these contracts will prove to be bad deals. Only a few will turn out to be good ones.
Remember that the UFA age goes down and the CAP will not go up 5mil per year for the next 5 years for sure.

Don't get too wound up that Gainey has not made BIG MOVES.
Don't lose sight that the biggest asset in a CAP world is your prospects. Every year thier will always be expensive UFA'S that can put you over the top to a CUP.

No matter what, next year was NOT a CUP year for the Habs, but we have all seen the progression of the kids and that's a FACT.
More are comming and for the next 2-3 years too boot.

Gainey knows what the Habs need and will continue to hunt for that top centre and if in the end he MUST BUY at wild prices then do it when it's a CUP year.

It just seems that Gainey is holding on to his gold while everyone else is buying DOT COM stock.

Trouble is, it'll be the SAME kids. I doubt whether more than one rookie will make the team this coming season.

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