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02-04-2013, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by The Zetterberg Era View Post
Plus with all the winning they are doing now at that level, I think these guys are going to come in with a different confidence level. The last time the Griffins were this good Kopecky, Filppula, Hudler and Kronwall were down there for chunks of time. When they came up they had a different belief than the guys that followed them. Yes they were actually probably better which also explains the winning, but developing on a winning team instead of a just continue improving your own game while taking humbling losses is a much better route to go.
Well Kronner's had a nice run in Lids' shadow but the bright lights seem to be causing him to shrink. Val Filppula's showing some good signs he's ready to move into Z/Pavs territory, let's see if he can handle that pressure. Kopy and Huds were pretty much told to pound sand.

All this is just a way of saying the over-ripe thing can have it's downsides. And it can be over-rated! Don't forget Ken Holland tried to bury Fil in GR during his rookie season. He ended up having a nice campaign of 10 goals and the following season he was a solid contributor on a Stanley Cup winning team. Some hoodrat named Darren Helm was on that Cup winning team.

Youth will be served, let Babs have what he asks for and worry about the salary cap implications somehwere down the line. Has Val Filppula ever been a tough guy to sign? How about Darren Helm? Winning a Cup should result in the franchise being loyal to that guy, but the guy will also be loyal to that franchise as he achieved his boyhood dreams early on in his pro career.

Just some food for thought...

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