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Originally Posted by Galchenyuk94 View Post
Lyle Alzedo's death was not linked to steroid use. in his case I should say abuse though.

The problem with some people who abuse steroids is that they often use other illicit recreational substances as well.

Dr Harrison Pope, an expert on the subject, is a great read if you have the time. 250mgs of exogenous testosterone per week has been studied on healthy adult males, and no significant health risks were attributed to them. Meanwhile loads of prescription drugs with serious health problems are being ingested daily in North America, but it's okay because they ''have a prescription for it''.

I disagree about just taking a little isn't effective. If you take 600mgs of test a week (use), and the other guy takes 2g of test a week (abuse), he won't get better results. His body can't use all of that testosterone, he'll just convert it to estrogen and cause health problems, as well as some funny physical changes
Most people dont do pre and post cycle therapy either. but they should.
Your doctor is quite interesting, he stated himself that he believes that long-term PED abuse may lead to cardiovascular issues - more studies are required with controlled groups and so on.

Now tell me in today's day and age, other than in the bay area where is one to find a doctor willing to prescribe PEDs in proper dosages to adult healthy amateur athletes and gym rats?

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