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Originally Posted by DJ Spinoza View Post
Pirates are reportedly in the final stages of signing Jonathan Sanchez... looks like a replacement for Liriano to me, although they could still sign both. Very similar in terms of high upside. Liriano is probably a bigger boom potential, and for that reason will cost more than what I assume Sanchez commands.
I'm fine with Sanchez on a minor league deal (as well as Liriano too). I'd bring them both in and hope for the best. While I think Sanchez's great season was a fluke, he did have a couple respectable ones other than that. Last year I'd write off as him being hurt.

Bring both on, let them compete for a spot in the rotation. I'm sure one of them will pitch well enough to be a starter, and we could use the other as a reliever.

Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
I remember the Pirates being rumored to want Jonathan Sanchez a few years ago when they moved Freddy Sanchez to the Giants but then Jonathan Sanchez started to show some flashes of big upside with a run of good games and a no hitter and became off limits. Interesting move if it happens.
Just like Reid Brignac. Read somewhere a few days ago that the Rays were potentially dropping him. He would've been a key to a Bay deal then, but TB just wouldn't give up what we wanted (supposedly). Wouldn't surprise me to se NH go after Brignac if he's let go either.

As a small market team, I have no issues signing guys like this. well, if the price is right, I don't. If they were a top prospect at once (or had a couple good seasons and fell), and you can offer them a chance in the majors on the cheap, go for it. Probably around 95% of the time it doesn't work, but sometimes you get a guy like Burnett who returns to form (we didn't sign him FA, but got some salary taken care of).

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