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Originally Posted by IAMREALITY View Post
Nooooooooooo!!!! Miller isn't ready!!!!!! We're gonna totally runi hi...

...Oh, wait, no we're not. If he proves inadequate he's back down with 5 games. Pretty sure 1-5 games with carefully given minutes in the NHL never destroyed anyone's career or development. I mean seriously, a top prospect gets a look for a few games. Whoopdeedoo!! Is it really cause for such objection? Ummm, nope. Worst case, he's sent back and knows just a bit more clearly how hard he needs to work to reach the next level. Best case? He becomes this season's Hagelin, or whatever, who cares. The point is, there is only really upside or noside to this, so quit yer whinin and enjoy tomorrow's game!!!
I think the quick but yet cautious reactions to the call up is due to the fact that many here still have the haunting memories of guys like Jamie Lundmark and Manny Maholtra. But this a different organization now. Much different. Sather made the right corrections. I don't see how anyone can be complaining about how they handle their call ups with their prospects when they did a great job with McDonagh and Hagelin, giving them time in the AHL, as well as Del Zotto. It'd be nice if people could move on, trust management, and stop playing GM/coach so much.

Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
Yeah I think Miller is the type of player that will be just fine if he's asked to play gritty checking game. If he's able to put up points, all the better.

Personally, I don't think Ferriero provides a Prust game at all, I just think that he brings extra speed and hustle that Asham in particular doesn't, and I think this team needs as many quick legs in the bottom six as possible right now. Having Asham instead of Ferriero isn't a huge deal, I'd just personally prefer the quicker guy of the two with the way this team has been dragging their feet so far.
I agree with the first part on Miller.

Ferriero does not at all provide a Prust game. Until the Powe trade no one did. And it still remains to be seen if Powe can bring that Prust feel to this team. I agree I like Ferriero's game. I like his speed and hustle. But people act like he's, i don't know, say Sutter in Pittsburgh or Nystrom in dallas. He is a very average hockey player. I wanted to keep him over Bickel but either way he wouldn't be playing. With a 2-way deal at least he still gets ice time in CT. Ferriero and Palmieri make that team better in Hartford.

I also think Asham is getting better with each game as he acclimates himself to this organization and new teammates.

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