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07-03-2006, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight25 View Post
I love how some people are already throwing in the towel because of things like this. Really dedicated Flyers fans you guys are.......

HOW can so many people be negative about these 2 guys when we have NO CLUE how they're gonna play with this team. Personally, Jonsson sounds like he could possibly fill a horribly large speed gap in our defense, and Baumgartner should put up good points if he doesn't spend significant time in the minors improving(I'm guessing he might). There are players that are meant for certain teams, just because you guys think that they're useless doesn't mean they won't blow up and be amazing. This league is meant for the young players. I've actually got confidence in this because like I've said all year our problem on D was speed.
Great post, and I agree. It's hysterical that on July 2nd people were already saying the season was lost. I had to talk a few people from jumping off a bridge yesterday. Those that are naysaying were never real Flyers fans to begin with.

Our ONLY net loss is Kim Johnnson (Hillary S****'s twin), who didn't play 40 some games last year, and we still managed 45 wins and 101 points in the standings.

What else have we lost?? Yet, now all of a sudden the Flyers suck? Give me a break...

Screw the haters and nay sayers. We don't need ya.

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