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02-04-2013, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by ukapu View Post
I did some statistical calculations on a sample of Schneider's save percentage, taking the last 15 games he has played, including this season and last season's playoffs and regular season. I weighted the save percentage by minutes played, so games where he was chased or where he came in as relief have a lower importance.

Over that period he has an average SV% of .937672941 with a Standard Deviation of .066452734 (which is super low). Using the Z-score criterion (which I can post the full calculation of if people want), we can see that his game against the Ducks this season was a statistical outlier (it had a Z-score of -4.43, which is significantly beyond the required threshold of z>|3|) and it is thus appropriate to throw it out.

Once we throw out that outlier we see Schneider has a average SV% of .94745.

A few caveats- this is not a random sample, also my stats skills are a bit rusty so if anyone knows more about stats then please correct me.
What? Come on man. It makes sense to disregard game one of this season as neither the canucks or Schneider were up to speed. Giving less weight to games last season when Schneider was pulled is dishonest.

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