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02-04-2013, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
Well it's simple, it's both...

Les Canadiens designates the players, mostly used in the present tense.

Le Canadien designates the club as a whole, whether it's in the past, present or future.

You can say, les canadiens de montréal vont jouer contre les bruins mercredi.

Or, le canadien de montréal va jouer contre les bruins mercredi.

But it somehow sounds better to use Le instead of Les.

The habs are the only team that can be used in plural and singular

Les Flames de Calgary
(can't say le flames de Calgary)

Le Lightning de Tampa Bay
(can't say les lightnings)

Le Wild du Minneasota
(can't say les wilds)


- It's pretty much the same in english but the use of plural and singular is more distinct in french since you need to have les in front of canadien(s)
100% correct!

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