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02-04-2013, 09:53 PM
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I'm sure we'll see some innovation of the sort in the future

The CCM models over the past 3 generations (CL, U+Pro, V10) have all had a similar fit in that the shape of the pad follows the natural inward curvature of the tibia. Not as narrow as the Stealth, but more of an 'anatomical' fit than Supreme or Vapor. I would start here.

The mid-higher end models have all had a simply ingenious yet simple 'v-shaped' strapping system featuring two anchor points for the straps leading into a single velcro end, in addition to a diagonal traditional strap. Spreads the 'pressure' over a wider area of the leg as opposed to only across the strap. The calf padding gives a nice wrap as well, due to the v-straps. I would start there.

I don't think that Easton has ever out a somewhat respectable full shin pad line in its entire history save for perhaps the ST line (16,6,4) and the current Stealth lineup. Perhaps the narrowest line among the big players, they feature a traditional horizontal back-of-the-knee strap as well as the traditional wide calf strap.

Haven't seen the new Easton Makos yet however, and have not seen enough Graf or Sherwood to comment.

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