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02-04-2013, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post

Yes, the first time in a decade the Blue Jays beat the Sox in attendance, with the White Sox also having to deal with the Cubs, one of the most iconic teams in the game, surely is a nice barometer of telling anybody who will listen that their numbers arent made up solely of fair weather fans.

I sisnt even do anything. It just writes itself.

Didnt see you take the bet. Why is that?
That sounds like an excuse to me?

No matter how you wanna twist it, these 'fair weather' fans in Toronto attended more games then your fellow White Sox fans..

You're way too caught up in the past. Be present.

Nobody called Blackhawks fans 'fair weather' fans when the madhouse was more like an empty house before Toews and Kane. The Hawks were irrelevant for like 40 years, but that wasn't going to last forever... The Jays drought won't either, especially now that ownership is prepared to spend with the big boys...

You also made comments regarding acquiring the core through trades; most of the Sox starting lineup was acquired through trade or free agency, what's the difference? Strawman? Chris Sale is the only player who I see as a clear upgrade over anyone on the Jays roster.. Beyond that the Sox are very mediocre and will miss the playoffs again, despite playing in the very weak AL central.

You're either a hater, or you're incredibly delusional.. Either way, most of your comments are laughable.

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