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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
The thing is not every rebuild has to be done the same way, or the same way for the entire time it takes to complete the rebuild.

The Habs are already either partly rebuilt or mostly rebuilt, depending on how high Subban and Galchenyuk can go. We have FOUR great young pieces when you include Price and Pacioretty.

Once you have four young studs like that in addition to further good young and youngish elements in Gallagher, Emelin, Eller, Diaz and White, then the 28-35 year old vets take on a different value. Now the Markov, Gorges, Plekanec, Gorges, Prust and Moen types become the glue of the team.

Of course the GM might still pull the trigger on a trade of an impending UFA like Bouillon, Armstrong or Budaj, but only if he thought they were not critical to success this year or that he did not want them back next year, which he identified as our year to make the Cup run.

Or he could entertain an offer for a guy like Bourque, if he went back to inconsistent efforts, and if he got something in return that he needed more.

But the glue vets are not likely to be moved at this point in our rebuild. In my opinion, of course.
They won't be moved. Nobody would say otherwise.

And dude, you are absolutely right we have great young players at key positions and the rebuild might already be done. Galchenyuk playing so well already may have brought forward the window for winning to as soon as this year. Maybe we have rebuilt enough, that's entirely possible.

But it's seven or eight games in. In a normal season that's nothing... got to remember that clubs go cold all the time and right now we are fully healthy.

There's also something to be said about stacking the deck for the future. Too early to say if we've got the ingredients to a cup winner but it sure looks like a good group. Good enough to contend for the future probably. Add in another great prospect though? Man, how could we not be contenders?

Yeah, dealing Markov sets us back somewhat but the window for winning gets extended in the long run. It's really not that crazy an idea man.
Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Trying to make the point to others here that not every draft pick works out as well as Pacioretty, and not every prospect works out as well as Gorges, and for BOTH to happen in the same trade was incredibly fortuitous. Gallagher is a similar overachiever. Hindsight is always so great!
Sure, but we are here now talking without the benefit of hindsight. And we did this years ago when you laughed when somebody mentioned Giroux for Markov. Well, how would that trade have looked now?

There is risk, nobody doubts this. But if its a calculated risk you go for it. You're talking like we're contenders already and that may not be the case. If it is... hey, you don't have to convince me that we shouldn't deal him. But if it's another 8th place struggle? If it looks like we aren't going to contend next year? Sure we should be open to it.

It's more than just Markov that we have to look at man. It's the window for winning and the window of his effectiveness. It doesn't matter if the return doesn't equal Markov so long as it's a good piece of the puzzle that helps you win for years down the road. Its a trade off of the present for the future. Nothing crazy about that man.

If we get it wrong (entirely possible) it's not the end of the world. We'd be dealing away a player in his mid 30s, not somebody like McD or Subban.

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