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12-16-2003, 11:11 AM
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ah i see my point is uneducated. Okay well lets just take a look at the thought process here.

Saddam is a scum bag, no one EVER denied that. But that points you make about torture and starvation and inhumane treatment happens all over the world. Why Iraq? Why not Kosovo? Why not north korea? why not africa with the shambles that continent is left in now after years of being ***** by the world for it's resources?

Everything since bush has been elected {including his election} just happens to be a coincidence? Cmon now. He just happens to get elected in his brothers state. He just happens to feel the need to go back into the same country as his dad. All this while north korea has danced up and down yelling "look at me, i am aiming to have nukes, please yell at me...come oen". The white house has ignored and any steam they could have been built on the international stage.

Now if osama bin laden just happenes to be found in october or november, will that be "Crazy talk" as well.

Everything "Good" that has happened the best three years comes right when his popularity takes a dip or right when there is a controversy. His administration has some times to enron that disappeared real quick. last week people were pissed off about the soldiers going back to iraq and that the us wasnt planning a more international approach, that has now disappeared. a week ago there was a big controversy over how dick chaney's company was involved in price gauging for oil. that has now been washed away. for the past month there has been a BIG controversy over the contracting process in iraq. and for the time being that is out of the spotlight. i mean seriously, go back through the news over the past three years and look at other events when certain milestones happened. it's more than ironic.

And this isnt coming from a hard line leftist, liberal, peace signing giving person. this is stuff that is just down right disturbing, democrat, republican, independent. I mean for all the good news, this crap is scary. some of the policies and anti-privacy laws that have gone into effect are downright frightening but like cows people dont care so long as there is grass in front of them that looks good to eat.

As for me calling the saddam capture a PR move that was yours or someone else's cute name for it, i said it was a little bit funny if you ask me. and yes a lot of people are wondering it, but a lot of people dont have the balls to say it because they are afraid of being considered unpatriotic, or blah blah blah. we've turned this into the 1950's where if you arent "with" the administration you are against it. i think bush has some good qualities and i dont disagree with him for the sake of disagreeing with him, but i've noticed that time after time the real issues are being lost here and they are being used as excuses to get us into other one's.

Does everyone make mistakes, you bet. EVERY president, EVERY party, but these are serious mistakes that are gonna cost people lives and will have a serious impact on the next 20 years of world relations. and the fact is that the US has made the same mistakes over and over and over since world war 2. so yes they are only "mistakes" but where does it end? where does it stop?

World religions, the UN, pretty much the world disagrees with what we've done, now it's time to ask ourselves, is it us, or is it them? if this was just france and germany i would understand, but there are a lot of questions about this war that have gone unanswered. there were countries in just as much trouble as iraq and more, why did we pick iraq? believe me i think the world is a better place without saddam but we are opening the door to a lot of bad things that i dont think the average person has a clue about. i see kids under the age of 18 and sad as it is to say, they don't have a clue. like an older person, they go to school they get fed what they need to get fed and then they go home. especially doing as much travel as i do, you be surprised the different sides of the story you get when you are outside the US.

as for propaganda comment it wasnt directed at what saddam did. that was real. it's directed at how if you turn on the news right now you here "saddam this, saddam that". and it's a smoke screen for very real problems that are still going on. you here the cutesy quotes here and there but the risk is still very real and all this was the hood ornament at this point. but you look at the past three years all the stuff that has been thrown out there. "freedom fries" , blah blah blah. I mean it's like those movies that spoof the 40's and 50's, yet people are buying into it.

But what do i know? i mean there is only a set pattern, and still not a single stitch of evidence for the reason bush said we were going in. and even if saddam had time to bury his weapons and hide them, a chemical residue is left. trust me, living in vegas as an intern the firm i worked for did business with the nevada test site. anytime you have biologicals or anything else there is proof long after the weapon is gone. Bush's response when asked that a few times "We dont know at this time, we'll have to get back to you". But that seems to be the response on anything does it? A banner on a ship? Wasn't him. Declaring victory? wasn't him. Going to war when the evidence pointed otherwise? must have been the CIA. everything he does seems to have a cop out, everything.

i've gone on for three pages and i still havent even touched his domestic policy. yeah spending is up, because you gave a tax break to the wealthiest part of the population Dubya! Reagon did the same thing a few years back {remember your dad called it voodoo economics} and its like heroin. it creates movement but then it collapses on itself.

Unemployment is down, but do any of you know how they get those numbers? they take them drom the census which means, lets say i was unemployed and they got me on one check, well it takes a while to get back to me {there is no followup call} so by the time they get back to me, my claim has run out. so therefore i am not "umemployed" anymore. simple as that. i can be homeless, i could be dead, but i am not unemployed.

that of course says nothing about that jobs are hiring at lower pay, so you might very well be employed but one stat they DONT bring up is how many more people are know earning below the poverty line. but see that's not what you here on fox news or whatever. all you hear is a snippet from a smiling news anchor saying "unemployment is down, christmas spending is up".

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