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12-16-2003, 10:13 AM
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evil exists everywhere and all the time. saddam is (was) an evil dictator. i am not defending saddam. i do think the manner in which we invaded iraq will bring about more evil than we realize.

there are corrupt regimes all over the world. many are just as bad if not worse than saddam's. we can't be the world's super hero. i've studied the region's history and i truly feel the leadership we put into place in iraq is going to be terrible. it will be as corrupted as saddam's administration but since it will be a puppet of the west our media will protray them just as they did iran before the revolution. the leader they have in line to take over is a crook by the way. he was hiding out in syria, i believe, before we picked him out cause he would suite our needs.

barnaby i dont think arguing bush's tactics is "as trendy as pop music". there is a reason a large proportion of the masses are protesting bush's actions as president. instead of just saying its cool to protest, ask why we are protesting. protest is a reason why our country is great. we shouldn't be punished for making our view clear. however, leaving out the part of the world that peacefully protested the invasion, by not participating, of rebuilding the area is clearly punishment. these contracts should be bidded out, not given to friends and golf buddies.

as for my comment on blowing up our troops... i wrote that to piss you all off on purpose. your right, it was insensative. well guess what, shooting our troops and blowing them up with car bombs is insensative and its exactly what is happening. we all have personal connections to members of the armed services and it should make you sick and cringe when you read that our troops are getting killed.

i dont affiliate myself with a political party. i think bush handled 9/11 BRILLIANTLY. but he sure did turn the tables of world sympathy around against us faster than any human being possibly could have. and the fact that he invaded a country simply because he thought they had weapons of mass destruction that they were willing to use. we found nothing to indicate that in almost a year. but all i have to say to that is NORTH KOREA.

capturing saddam will not change much. you dont seem to understand the mindset of fundamentalist muslims. they truly feel that allah will guide them to victory, regardless of the present circumstances. and dying in a jihad (as holy war or struggle) in a ticket to paradise. they dont seem to realize that the only reason they have any kind of fighting power is because charlie wilson got them several billion dollars worth of weapons and humanitarian aide to fight the russians during the soviet invasion of afganistan. my point being, they dont care that saddam was captured. it doesnt matter to them. they believe that if they keep fighting they will eventually prevail or die and end up in paradise anyway. thats why i feel capturing saddam wont change anything and thats why i feel invading iraq is a bad thing.

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