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Originally Posted by XX View Post
Technology. It has already cut down on injuries and lead to more accurate diagnosing. They've also tried to cut down on vulnerable players and targeting, which lead to unreasonably hard hits.

I'm waiting for someone to make a reasonable argument as to why football should be watered down for the sake of safety. It's the modern equivalent of gladiatorial sport. They get paid millions to sacrifice their bodies. Players know what they are getting into. Hell, more education on how severe concussions can be and closer monitoring of players might cut down on the excessive cases. They shouldn't let guys trot back out there when it's clear they've just had one.

Changing the way the game is played is a smokescreen to cover up for the total indifference the NFL shows towards retired and chronically injured players.
because at some level or another, something has to give. The thousands of college, high school and pop warner programs that have to exist to create the 1700 players in the NFL are predominantly filled with kids who will never, ever make a single penny playing the game yet they're still being subjected to the risks. So either the talent stream will dry up to some degree, or the game will have to change.

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