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02-04-2013, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
I get what you're saying and understand it, in fact I had a problem with their passes thus far this year too. But I think what's been the problem is that there was a decent amount of turnover, plus rust. The bottom six this year absolutely where rough to watch with their passing game. Even the top forward line and our best defensemen started off shaky. Those first few games especially everything just seemed off.

Other teams in the east might seem smoother, but, IMO all those teams you mentioned have weaker defenses, and I'm talking defensive systems/game as well as stay at home defensemen. The Rangers, when they gel and have their game down, play a strong overall game. That will come handy in the playoffs. Those games are even tighter. You're not going to see that wide open hockey. Even in the west last year the games were tighter.

On a side note, man the passing by Sedin's on the OT goal was something else.
Oh, there's no question our defense is better. It just would be such a pleasant change of pace to see a Rangers team that moves the puck fluidly up the ice and around the zone consistently, most of the game, all season. Obviously, not going to happen, not really in the blueprints of our system nor part of our team strength but, from a sitting back and watching the game POV, it would be nice. No question I agree with what you're saying. I'm just talking mostly about the aesthetic of the game and the frustration from home, watching a team that doesn't have the fluidity to their game that many other teams, plenty of whom are no doubt worse overall and I wouldn't trade mine for, seem to be able to display regularly.

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