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Originally Posted by Prairie Habs View Post
What would you guys be willing to offer Ryane Clowe next year if he makes it to UFA? He brings the same physicality and protection aspect as Prust but is much better offensively so I think he would be the perfect LW to finish of the kid line.

I would say we should try and trade for him but there is zero chance the Sharks are looking to make a move with how they have started the season. If they struggle after a while though they may look at it, maybe Clowe + 2nd for Gionta? I know they are looking for speedy wingers.

Patches - DD - Cole
Eller - Plek - Bourque
Clowe - Galchenyuk - Gallagher
Moen - Prust - White/Armstrong

No amazing line but I love the depth and physicality that line-up has.
The great thing about that depth is that its similar to Boston's SCF year or maybe even chicago to an extent. BOS had basically 3 2nd lines and rolled them to victory. We would not only have a very balaned top9 but we'd also have a diverse one.

Cole(Once he gets going)


It's a very tempting idea, even though I love Gio, If the sharks would take this deal, I'd run, maybe with some tweaks here or there. Clowe could easily replace prust, like you have in your lines, and he'd be just at good at protecting them, while having way more offense. With prust on the 4th our team gets way better. We get someone who could potentially go with Lucic, and we get a real useful player who could slot in basically anywhere in our lineup.

I like your lines but we could see variations such as:

Clowe-Plekanec-Cole (Plek has big wingers who can play)
Pacioretty-DD-Bourque (DD and Pac keep their chemistry, bourque adds jump)

That's a very tough top6 that won't get pushed around and at the same time we don't lose too much speed.


Pacioretty-Plekanec-Bourque(Speedier line with bourque comfortable at RW)
Clowe-DD-Cole (might be a bit slower/sluggish but lots of space made for DD)


Pacioretty-DD-Cole(Stay the course)
Clowe-Plek-Bourque(Good mix of speed and muscle, Plek usually has chemistry with everyone, Bourque has already shown chemistry)

(put eller or prust on the third with the Gallys,etc)

There's of course lots of ways to set the top6/top9, but you get what I'm saying. Regardless the acquisition of a guy like Clowe IMO would be perfect for this club. Would be sad to Gio go, but TBH I wouldn't like to see him resigned when his contract expires, simply because he should be redundant at that point with Gallagher,Galchenyuk,etc knocking on the door for icetime and a spot in the lineup.

(Sorry for the long post)

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