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02-05-2013, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by MuffinMerc View Post
I told myself the next stick to buy was another X:50 (this time in a 67 flex), but I jumped over to a more expensive Easton 75S in a P3/E3 75 flex. Compared to senior X:50 that I have cut down to an 84 flex, the 75S is much lighter, and better balanced. The X:50 is slightly heavier and slightly blade heavier, but I don't mind things like that for a stick that I thought was pretty light. Comparing shaft dimensions to an old intermediate Warrior Bentley, and to the senior Bauer, it falls right between them. Not as skinny as the intermediate, but not as beefy as the Bauer. It feels pretty good in the hands.

I was able to shoot the 75S at Pro Hockey Life's shooting zone, and I was really impressed by it. Puck release was quick, and speed is something I base my game around: quick snaps and wristers. The blade is also really thin, so I've gained some insight as too why most of the breaks on the Stealths are with the blade. The stick cost me $170, so this is the most expensive stick I have purchased to date, and I cannot wait to use it.

I also had a question the sales person was not able to answer for me... I have been told that Easton sticks advertised flex is actually an inch or two down from the top of the shaft. On the 75S there are no numbers that would indicate this. So if I cut down 2 inches from the stick, will I hit the "actual" 75 flex mark?
I know Warriors are this way, their flex rating doesnt start till upwards of 5-6 inches down the shaft. FWIW I have cut down an INT 65 flex RS and I hated it, completely changed the way the stick shot. Dont think the difference will be as significant with the senior stick.

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