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02-05-2013, 01:13 AM
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Saw Yandle play tonight

Thoughts on Yandle:

1. Yandle is a nice player but he would be a BAD BAD bad fit for the Bruins. Big time Gambler. Seemed to make a glaring mistake a period, and the Yotes ST's near me voiced frustration with him akin to what guys like Kabs and Wideman got from our fans. Still a nice offensive player though he creates chances but I think he'd be a horrible fit for the Bruins and could easily find himself as public enemy #1 were he to ever play here. Wideman and Kaberle created tons of offense (Wideman led the team in scoring in the playoffs in '10 and Kabs led D men in scoring when we won the Cup despite being third pairing) and both were hate figures. I saw the same exact thing from Keith (he even slipped on a PP and allowed a shorthanded breakaway that is something that would have our fans ready to murder a Bruins D man over.)

2. Trading DK for him would be moronic. We should be thankful Kaberle didn't come back in the Kessel trade. Same exact thing. Unless he comes as a UFA Yandle is best far away from Boston. Keith is a nice player but he's like Wideman and Kaberle but more of a gambler than them he would be an awful fit for us.

Non Yandle thoughts:

1. Best arena I have ever been to its beautiful. Such a shame it is in Glendale and not Scottsdale, people who lived in Phoenix near me were lamenting how far a drive it is for them and the distance is why they only go to 1 or 2 games a year. It would be packed if they built the arena in the right part of the city. Wasn't really that empty the sides were full (not packed) except for the luxury seats and the ends were about half full. Crowd wasn't worse than something circa 2007 at TD Garden so really not that bad.

2. Shame on Bruins fans who went there and acted like punks last year. People behind me said the Bruins fans were the most obnoxious visiting team they had last season. You are not cool b/c you want to double dip on your vacation and Bruins game and do both for the price of a pair of Loges at the Garden so grow up and don't pick on and disparage fans of a team we don't have a rivalry with.

3. Good job keeping the team in a real city Bettman. Don't give in to the crap and put them in Canada just to fill seats. An NHL game is a lovely way to cap off a day on the golf course. Keep growing the product, only make more Canadian teams if you do expansion, and don't move the Yotes. Like I said winter golf and hockey games are a match made in heaven.

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