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02-05-2013, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by DropkickQuinn View Post
-Sharks broadcasters are ridiculously homer
Originally Posted by LooGDuck View Post
Sharks broadcasts are just absurd
I am so happy I am not they only one to have repeatedly noticed this, made me insanely angry last year to have to watch their feed during the playoffs (for a nationally televised games). But if you ask quite a few SJS fans (local to this area) they have to Hahn is the best. When Hahn does not blindly follow Remenda's opinion I think I can call a good game.

But I can be objective here, when they let Bernie Federko talk on Blues telecasts, he gets extremely homerish. When it is Pang, I think he just wants to get a new catch phrase going "holy jumpin!!!!" "nine o hearts!!!"

Originally Posted by DropkickQuinn View Post
-Every time I watch I'm envious of American fast food
What!?!?!?! When I watch the Canadian teams feeds, I totally start planning for where I am going to eat the next time I visit up North. lol

Originally Posted by Section337 View Post
I don't think many announcers or colour guys have actually read the NHL rules.
You are so right, so many times the Blues telecasts start saying, "oh they can't do that."
Then during the next break "oh yeah per rule xx.xx they can do that" every damn time....

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