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02-05-2013, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Bench View Post
That just sounds bizarre. Babcock isn't going to sacrifice scoring to prove a point or dangle a carrot.

I'm a big Occam's razor guy. My guess is Babcock doesn't think Smith is good enough to roam around like Brian Campbell. That's a pretty simple explanation.
I don't know how many times he has said, he does a good job of providing scoring chances for us and them. At this level it is more important to allow no chances for them. Pretty much everytime he talks about Smith and he likes the progress he is making on allowing less chances.

I personally think he should have a little more freedom. Guys should play to their strengths, wanting him to cut down on mistakes is one thing, but clamping down completely on what he does well is also kind of a problem. They started Smith on the PK, one that is struggling mightly not just the d-man but with forward problems up front as well. Then he doesn't want to use him on the PP until injuries arrive, something Smith has done on every level since well probably forever... It seems they are actively trying to force the defensive assignments down his throat which is fine but they should be careful not to wreck all the offense he can bring to the table. Scares me for Sproul a little, if this is the new philosophy because Kindl should have been tried out on the PP years ago and wasn't and his offensive game has regressed big time. He used to get a low hard shot away a lot, now he plays very conservative.

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