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02-05-2013, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
It doesn't have to be all rainbows and sunshine, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone who's not a troll would read their posts with thought before submitting them. Because some of your stuff is downright ridiculous and doesn't bring anything meaningful into the conversation. It's okay to think Yeo should be fired or that he's done something wrong, but I'd like to hear other reasons for that than just "OMG we're still losing, let's fire everyone!"

So please contribute to the conversation in a reasonable manner instead of just spouting crap that makes no logical sense or isn't even true.
But. . . but. . . it's HF! That kind of logic doesn't apply here.

In all seriousness though I agree completely. It's more of a heat of the moment kind of thing (or at least for me it is). Come the following day we'll all be back to normal, or at least darn close to it.

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