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02-05-2013, 01:16 AM
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We are going to lose some good players in free agency like we do every year. I'm not worried about it because Ozzie will take the comp. picks and restock the team like he always does.

Ellerby needs to stay. He has played very well this year.

I'd like to see Reed stay, but he's been making noise about getting more money for a while now. I also think that his play has slipped in the last couple of years. IMO right now his name is bigger than his on field production. He is a leader, but you still have Suggs and Ngata left behind to fill that role. I have a feeling he goes and gets paid somewhere else.

I hope that Cary Williams gets a fat contract from someone else.

Kruger is getting paid somewhere else. It sucks too because I worry about the pass rush without him. It's too bad that Sergio Kindle was such an amazing bust.

I agree that Kemoeatu probably stays. He'll be cheap and the coaching staff seems to like him. They need to look at a DT and/or MLB early in the draft though.

Hopefully Boldin and Jacoby Jones take extensions and restructure their deals for next year.

Hopefully they get another year out of McKinnie as well. I don't trust McKinnie though. He's old and not exactly driven when it comes to football. There needs to be a plan B behind him if they bring him back. I'd like a LT in the draft if someone good drops, but we have bigger pressing needs.

Birk is gone as well, so I'm assuming they grab a FA Center for insurance just in case Gradkowski can't handle the starting job.

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