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02-05-2013, 02:23 AM
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Originally Posted by WakeUpNHL View Post
Desharnais is not a top 2 center for a contending NHL team. The Habs should send him down to Hamilton to help prepare our prospect wingers to make the jump to the big club, just like he did with MaxPac.
Even if the have to pay him a one way contract $1M per year to help our prospects.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Desharnais may be a top 6 winger at the nhl level... But he is not a top 6 center.

We shiukd try him on the wing... He might be very good there.
Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
I'll say what I said last year. He needs to be moved.
Originally Posted by Habs Junkie View Post
Posts like this drive me crazy!!!!
He's lucky if he will get 1 million$. It's funny, but not one person on any other team has offered a 1 for 1 center trade with DD in this thread:
It seems that no other fan base wants him. But let's pay him top salary in Montreal eh
Originally Posted by Habtchum View Post
Maybe the Habs should had kept Gomez.

DD and Eller are pretty inept so far.
Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
DD has 2 shots on goal in 5 games, playin more than 16 minute/game ane with a ton powerplay....White got 7 even Moen got 3.....that's not just a slow start, that close to ridiculous!

He's minus 1...while 17 other players are in the plus.
He got two passes sor far, one on a powerplay and One on a 5 on 3.

1- His ice time dropped with Therrien playing all 4 lines
2- The Gallys experience work so well, Gally27 start to take PP out of DD's time.

Therrien use a pro-active systems....players must go after the puck and try to force the other teams into mistakes. Martin...the other way around, wait for the other team's mistakes,

DD won't fit that mole, not enough good in his battle one-on-one

But in the just so easy to stop DD from playing this games.
Therrien wants speed.....he's slow
Therrien wants grit......he got none
Therrien wants toughness....he got none

Tradeblock as far as i'm concern before his value drop too low!!
Originally Posted by SeriousHabs View Post
Before long, Galchenyuk will pivot the first line. I don't know if it will happen this season, as he has much to learn and he can benefit from playing with Officer Prust. DD isn't going to knock Plekanec out of the line up, and I can't see DD playing on a checking line.

His days are numbered. We simply have better options.
Originally Posted by AntonCH View Post
Sit DD
Eller in his place at center
Pull Armstrong up to play on his line and have Weber replace him on the 4th

Send the msg that his performance has been sub par and more is expected
Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
His buddies are not playing as well this year. DD was still losing battles along the boards last year.

I'm not going to debate if this is the real DD or last year, but I know that him centering one of the top 2 lines is not sustainable.
Originally Posted by Habs Junkie View Post
This is not a french/english debate (for me at least). I'm making the point that he is not NHL caliber. Let's see how he does playing along side someone not named Pacioretty and get back to me then.
Originally Posted by Habs Junkie View Post
Ok I'll repeat myself since you skipped one of my earlier posts.
He can't handle strong passes. They roll off his stick most of the time.
He has below average speed for a guy his size.
He loses most puck battles in corners.
His forecheck is completely useless, always one step too late.
He's lost in the defensive zone, often floating around.
Gets outmuscled daily....

Do you need more? So far 0 good games out of 4. One last thing, find me one NHL team willing to trade their 1st or 2nd line center for Desharnais straight up.

That is all, for now...
Originally Posted by Lizardking89 View Post
Well said. Alot of people drank too much DD koolaid and wanted to trade Pleks over the summer. He's had one good season and now that other teams know what he brings to the table. That first line with Cole and Patches were effectively shut down. DD is a 3rd line center at best going forward once AG27 is ready to play on the first line.
Originally Posted by Saint Patrick View Post
Not really a slow start, thats the kind of game I expect out of DD, last year was an exception he had a line that was on fire, I doubt they repeat this year but who knows.
Originally Posted by CHill Seeker View Post
therein lies the problem. one midget in the top 6 is enough. how is DD supposed to win a single puck battle? he doesn't even have good speed for a small guy
Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
Im still waiting to see Desharnais's underrated shot..

Very small, average speed, weak shot.. Last year DD had time to make his plays cause he was playing with 2 fast power fowards at the top of their game creating ton of space everywhere on the ice.. This year, his weakness are more apparent cause Cole is cold, has a slow start (what was to be expected) and Max is now injured.. Hopefully Eller can jump in and have an impact on this line cause if not, we are in trouble.. I love Desharnais' determination but lets be honest, he is a decent filler at best, marginal NHLer.. There is no way I see him on the wings, would get killed along the boards, the kid is a natural center, I dont see a different way to use him, just keep giving him 2 big talended wingers that skate well and can create room on the ice so he can have time to setup them.. Then you reevaluate the center position this summer, you let him walk or sign him cheap for 1 more year.. there is no way we overpay for a marginal NHLer.. no way..
Originally Posted by Habs 4 Life View Post
Yes it's just been 4 games but you would expect a little more from a guy that's been playing during the lockout. I hope he turns it around but I honestly think he never repeats last year's performance and glad we didn't dump Plekanec like many people suggested we should
Originally Posted by AntonCH View Post
How about DD sits for a game or two?
If it's good enough for elller..............
Before this thread disappears... I think we should remember who the naysayers were, all of which are suddenly silent, because they will be facing this situation by the end of the season :

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