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02-05-2013, 05:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Snot Rocket View Post
Wright is a Center that shoots left.
Peluso is a Right wing that shoots right. Peluso used to play defense, but moved up to wing.
Wright is a Center that is playing on the wing (left if I remember correctly?)

Perhaps the assumption is right that they grabbed Peluso before Wright.
Though I would figure they have 2 different games styles, and Peluso just spent the summer @ Gary Roberts where he cut the waiting list on a call from none other than Al Macinnis.
It's WAY past my bedtime, but if I remember correctly he is now 6'5 ish and after Al's camp 242lbs with 11% bodyfat, and unlike Antro likes to throw the size around and mix it up.

I would hazard a guess that they picked these 2 up for different reasons. Probably trying to work with the kid and get him up to snuff. I assume one of their scouts had him earmarked as a grab if on waivers. Blues are not suffering for 4th line guys, so now we have a beast that they are trying to mould and shape is my guess.
I could be totally wrong and talking out my arse too.

Anyway, suit the kid up and let him loose. From what I read in the AHL no one wanted to fight him anymore as he kept pummeling the living crap out of guys, and managed to pot some points to boot!
Perhaps he is our Gordie Howe Hattrick Specialist...would be sweet.
Wright can play all 3 forward positions. He is big, will hit and fight if needed, and is very strong defensively.

Peluso can...fight. Yeah. If you can't beat out Ryan Reaves for a roster spot, that's just sad. Fighting is a meaningless skill completely. Fighting is good to inspire your team when you are down for emotional reasons...fighting just to fight that goons do is completely pointless. Being "good" at fighting does not matter, it's the willingness to engage that is the point. And the proper sense when to do it. Goons have none of that, they just fight to keep there jobs, reason dinosaurs like Westgarth, Parros, Orr are being flushed out of the league. Thank god.

Also, as for putting up points, Kevin freaking Westgarth put up better points in AHL. Hell Jean-Francois Jacques was a ppg player in the AHL. Even if I can't say for sure Peluso won't be anything more than a goon (although I am pretty damn certain), I can GUARANTEE you one thing, he will NOT put up any kind of points in the NHL. None. Whatsoever.

At best, we get Chris Thorburn part 2, IMO, maybe slightly more hitting, but less good defensively and offensively. More realistically, something like a less good Ryan Reaves, urgh.

Also you should watch Antropov more. He finishes his check quite often, and "mixes it up" by being a pest among the best in the league.

As for someone who suggested trying Peluso at D, I shuddered. Honestly if they try him at forward for a game or two, fine whatever maybe they see something I can't for the life of me, but handicapping our already weak D with someone like him, wow, that will cause our GA to skyrocket. Moreso than already, you can cover for a weak forward, a weak D will kill you (we should know that by now ).

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