Thread: CSN Philly Will Flyers pursue Iginla?
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02-05-2013, 07:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Pantokrator View Post
See, you and I share a different view of what being a fan is. My idea of being a fan is wanting what is best for my team. My idea of what is best for the team is to win a Stanley Cup. Your idea appears to maybe make the playoffs. If I believe that getting a high first round pick would better achieve my goal of getting the Stanley Cup, then as a fan I can pull for my team to lose because in the long run it is the best option. If you just want to make the playoffs, without caring about winning a Cup anytime in the next ten years then your approach is better. Just as you see me as a "lame fan" I see you as a naive and counter productive one. I see your approach as one that will ensure the team is mired in mediocrity for a long time. Each year you will have to make more and more desperate moves just to make the playoffs. Most, if not all, of recent Cup winners have developed many of their own players. To try and NOT go this route does not make sense, if you want to win a Cup.

I will pull against my team if I think it is in their long term best interest.
You misunderstood me. My goal isn't to make the playoffs to make them, my goal is to have a shot at a cup by being in the playoffs. I still think this team can compete if healthy.

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