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02-05-2013, 07:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Luceni View Post
The funny thing about stafford is that in his contract year - when his play has ro be good to get big bucks - he is alwys playing out of his mind. In the other years he is just floating arround.

So there are just 2 solutions imo: Just offer him 1 year contract, or TRADE his lazy ass for someone who axtually cares about the team the whole contract length, not just in his RFA/UFA year.
Disagree -- he has always been streaky, not just in a contract season. When the puck is going in for him, it goes in in bunches. Right now, he's not finding a way to manufacture any goals. And he's not alone in that as all of the non-VHP skaters are having the same sort of issues. The ONLY issue I have with him right now is that he has to find a way to manufacture more goals. He's not alone in deserving criticism, since he is their primary scorer behind the top line he's a convenient target.

There are things he's doing that I like this year -- his play along the wall and retrievals seem like they've improved and the consistency of his effort does not seem glaringly different. But the finish isn't there. Is it Ennis that he isn't meshing with at the moment? Could be. Is it that his line is getting a ton of d-zone starts now instead of cake minutes against inferior competition in the offensive zone? Could be. Add in the d-men struggling with basics and a lot of ho-hum to downright **** goaltending and it's an easy team to be a minus on.

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