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Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
JT's game is molded around the pro game. Strong board work, responsible defensive positioning and winning puck battles. And he can bury it when given the chance. I expect him to play well.
A kid who gets a shot in the NHL -- definitely -- more than anything else must be able to get on the ice and make good plays so that they feel good about themselves. What needs to be done differs from all players and types, but that play that makes everyone pat their back when they get back to the bench is so darn important. As opposed to how darn dangerous it is when you get a kid up to the NHL and he just becomes anonomyous.

Its like no kid ever really is ready for the NHL before you have played here for a couple of years, but that you can overcome that with the adrenaline rush and excitment that you can get as a rookie. And when a kid comes in and isn't able to stick out and becomes kind of passive, it just becomes very hard for that kid to stick.

I think it will help JT Miller alot that he not only has the abilitys described above, he is also very fearless with the puck and will at any level from time to time catch D's off guard and take the puck to the net and challenge people 1 on 1. You don't see that often in the NHL, and if Miller pulls of a move or two in that mold it will stick out alot and raise alot of eye browns.

I think Miller will need more time. But who knows, in a perfect environments he got things in him the typical player ourside the NHL does not have.

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