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02-05-2013, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by The Nose View Post
I think Daniels is great. Last year he did an NBC game of the Wings vs. Sharks and he was very good; didn't show any bias at all. The only problem I have is that he sometimes comes off as if he is clueless when it comes to hockey. I know he's the play-by-play guy so its not a big deal but its hard to explain. Maybe that's just because of Mick.

And every time I see him he reminds me of that Jimmy Neutron big-headed cartoon character. But he's not nearly as annoying looking as KQ, not even close.
Never been a fan of Daniels, I think he came over as a basketball guy and in the beginning knew nothing about hockey, and I am not exagerating when I say nothing. He's gotten better but he still sticks out to me as a very generic voice that quotes more stats than anything of real substance.

Larry Murphy needs some new glasses, he looks like your retarted brother that is wearing saftey glasses so he doesn't poke himself.

Micky is one of the best color comentators there is because he has lived evey part of the game. He speaks his mind and calls it from the heart. I can't beleive people want these robotic sports entertainment personalities that do nothing but quote stats from their teleprompter and scream their heads of when there is a shot on goal like doc emrrick. Micky's entusism for the game is infectious and is a huge reason I am a hockey fan from listining to his insights on the game. His homerism and complaints about calls have gotten much worse in the last few years but whatever. He is still awesome. I am glad I met him once and got to tell him what an awesome job he does.

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