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02-05-2013, 08:16 AM
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This is long overdue. I wonder if they will install urinal troughs at the new arena.

I would rather see them build the arena up in Auburn Hills or Orion by the great lakes crossing. I would really be interested to see statistics on how many people that attend the game even live within the Detroit city limits or even an adjacent city and another statistic on what percentage of the people that drive in do not do anything in the city other than go to the game. It makes for a horrible drive to try and get from the burbs to the stadium just to get to wait in traffic and stare at burned out abandond factories and have bums try to sell you fake parking tickets.

Bell Isle would be interesting if they made sure the roadways could handle the traffic. Really wouldn't be keen on waiting an hour to get across a bridge both ways. If t hey actually made Bell Isle a redwings metropolise that would be an interesting idea if they made the traffic work.

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