Thread: CSN Philly Will Flyers pursue Iginla?
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02-05-2013, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Pantokrator View Post
I guess I would have to qualify my statement about tanking - I would say I am not opposed to letting the team's course continue. I don't think I would respect a team for trying to lose on the ice, but I wouldn't mind an owner who tried to set the team up for a better draft pick by gaining from other team's playoff push trades. Like what the Flyers did with Forsberg back in 2007.
This. You evaluate your team and do what's best. IMO, what's best for this team is to sell off pieces that won't be here in the long-term and may have value to other teams. The end result will probably be a poor on-ice product, so be it. Rather than send 2nd round picks for the Pavel Kubinas of the world, actually improve the future of the team long-term. They made a great first step by getting rid of two of their long-term contracts and getting multiple young players with, IMO, just as high, if not higher ceilings than the players they sent packing.

Approach Briere and Timonen about waiving their no trades and get something of value for them to expedite the rebuild.

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