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02-05-2013, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Fedorov View Post
The redwings development system was so effective because the team was so stacked before all these lockouts and new cap systems were put in place. They did some unbeleivable drafting and had the luxury of letting prospects very slowly earn their sports because the team remained stacked season after season. That system has broken down now that the vets are either too old to be effective or flat out retiring. At some point the wings are going to have to bring their prospects in earlier and stop signing filler players.

There are too many free agent fillers on the team right now that are put into positions above what they can bring. It used to make sense where wings would sign a filler here and there but now the fillers look like total desperation to fill the bench. Quincy and Sammuleson? Really?

I think that Cleary is riding the playoff warrior waggon. That is where he seems to really step up his game. I think there are other players on the team like Quincy and Sammuleson that could be targetted to make room for prospects before Cleary.
Call him a playoff "warrior" all you want but that doesn't change the fact he's completely useless. I'd rather keep the players who can actually contribute to the success of the team over an ineffective player who's known for playing well in the playoffs.

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