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I posted this in another thread elsewhere. I think it's worth noting here:

Second, fluoride is also fairly healthy and also occurs naturally [in water]...Fluoride poisoning is reasonably possible and does happen, but it's still at about 5-10g ingested over a very short period of time, which would take ~200 000ml (0.03 ppm, or 0.00003% is the typical concentration in drinking water) of water alone to reach. Obviously, you'd die from water poisoning first. Even in toothpaste, where most are about 1-5% fluoride, it would take ~100ml of toothpaste to get a lethal dose. To give you an idea of how much that is, the standard tube of toothpaste is about 90ml, so you'd have to ingest more than one tube of toothpaste in it entirety over a short period of time to reach poisonous levels. No one's going to do that accidentally.
Note that the link in the first post states that the lab tests on rats were at 1 ppm of fluoride, and that, as above, most drinking water in the western world has fluoride at 0.03 ppm concentration. Even to reach that 1 ppm threshold in the lab test, you'd need to drink 33 300ml, or 33.3 litres, per day. Keep in mind that 8 glasses of water is about 2 litres, so you'd need to drink ~133 glasses of water per day for a year. You'd still die of water poisoning (if not drowning) before you suffered any effects from the fluoride, considering that the average body can only absorb about 1 litre per hour (24 litres/day for those that don't wish to do math right now ).

PS. Sorry about the lack of sourcing here. I usually try to source with links whenever I post stuff this technical, but most of this is common knowledge. I can definitely go back and find my sources for this information if anyone requests it, though.

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In other breaking news, it also turns out that fire is harmful as well, if it's too close to your body.

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I mean it's in rat poison, so why not tap water??
It's also in toothpaste. In fact, it's in much larger concentrations in toothpaste (like, hundreds of thousands of times larger) than it is in tap water. I guess we should stop brushing our teeth with it then, huh?

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