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02-05-2013, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by THEALLKNOWING View Post
Yeo gotta go, Yeo gotta go, Torchetti at the ready. Torchetti at the ready. Hopefully the player's only meeting was to call for mutiny. A little more talent every year, similar results evey year. Outcoached or outsystemed again. I like what Fletch is trying to do, but perhaps Yeo is making his effort go for naught. As a STH since the beginning, I could give a crap about next year.

With all do respect i think i have to disagree.. Although i'm still not sold on Yeo...I'm not sure if Fletch know's what kinda team he's building here.. Last year and the 2 year's previous they wanted up tempo in your face hockey. Now they think their too small and want Mucker's and Wall player's..I realize you need both to win, but I think Fletch and his staff have to first decide what kind of player's fit their system and Go with it.. Enough of the back and forth crap already.. AKA The B's-The Wings-The Flyer's-etc..These teams year after year darft player's to fit THEIR systems. They don't change their minds on the fly.. The more time that goes on, at least IMO, the more The Fletch deals don't look so good..I like him and like that he's not afraid to pull the trigger, but i 'm personally becoming more skeptical with each trade..Sorry fella's iv'e seen Michael Rupp play numerous times he's probably a great teammate, but this team has many leaders's now..They Need skill , guts and consistency. Guy's that aren't afraid to run their Mother's into the 3rd row and can Score.. Something this franchise has lacked since it's inception.. Same ole' Wild IMO..

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